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when i had surgery (long ass post)

Just now as i was eating i decided to go on the youtubes, since i haven't in a while
and one of my favorite channels is TheFineBros; i LOVE all their React series
and they recently did one called Elders React to Brain Surgery Vlog (click the link to go watch it)
and it made me think about the time i got surgery
so i decided to come on here and describe my experience

the summer when i was 15 (or was it 16 lol) i was staying at my mother's
well one day as i was changing i felt a big lump in my breast
needless to say i panicked and immediately yelled for my mother
i kept asking her what it was, i was scared
so she took me to a doctor and he wasn't sure if it was a tumor, a cyst, or anything else because he didn't have the right technology to see for himself
so then he suggested we go to a specialist
we went to the specialist - my mom was worried what tests they were going to do
the doctor had suggested a mammogram, but at my age mammograms were unheard of
so i had to change out of my clothes and put on a patient uniform thing (which i completely put on wrong because i was so nervous ><) and waited for the specialist doctor
i went to lie down and he put, like a pillow of some sort, under my left shoulder so that my breast was leveled
and just like a sonogram on a pregnant woman's tummy, he did a sonogram on my breast
he said it looked like cyst, and normally cysts aren't life threatening
but after the sonogram he put in a needle to take a piece of it and also placed a small metal piece, this was so that if i were to get it checked again doctors would know blah blah i don't know LOL (the metal piece was titanium [so that it wouldn't go off in airports] so my aunt and i had fun, we kept saying "Titanium Boob" over and over XD)
so anyways we had to wait to find out if was malignant or not, and thankfully it was benign, no harm  no foul
they told me i could live with it, i didn't need surgery, unless of course i wanted to
but at the time we agreed that i would live with it

9 months or so go by and i just do like it any more
a constant lump, about the size of quarter in your breast? not fun
so i told my parents i wanted surgery
it was a daytime surgery, so it wasn't anything huge, but either way i was still pretty scared
i've never had surgery up to this point in my life
so i held onto my mom and dad's hand for as long as i could until it went black
and next thing i remember was my body falling
as i blinked my eyes over and over, waking up, i realize i am actually falling off the bed because my body was slumped over
but thankfully a nurse saw me and helped me to sit up again
after i was more awake, i was wheel-chaired to a private area where my mother could help me put my clothes back on
(i was way too drugged up to do anything myself)
after that, i went home and slept off the rest of the anesthesia

for about a week i had a huge bandage on my breast, which of course made it hell to take showers
but either way, everything worked out just fine
in fact, because of my surgery, i got out of having to do a major Spanish project/ test
so win, win i say!

cheers! (⊙⊙✿)
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