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something someone said on tv; i can't go to sleep

"I dream of angels, but I live with demons."

immediately i was hooked on this line, and like a hipster i was all moved by it
of course i related it to myself, but i smirked it off as i was just trying to make it about my life
now i can't say my past was all rainbows and ice cream, most of it was honest
but there was a... shall we say event, that happened that, not until recently, i realized had it's claws around me
so it was easy to relate "...live with demons" as my anxieties and paranoia
but i erased those thoughts soon after
i have a great life, i shouldn't let my past cloud my thoughts
i have a goofy, adorable newlywed husband
idiotic, amazing friends
and goals finally coming to fruition
i'll consider it smooth sailing from here
because c'mon, the worst has already happened
all that's left is the climb up!

SO YEAH i think i'll try posting more on livejournal again (my 100millionth try lol)
cheers! (⊙⊙✿)

ps. OLDCODEX 3rd album in feb I CANT DEAL YALL
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